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2019 June Jam Results


The 29th annual June Jam was a huge success. A total of 9 fish were caught. Wade Wurzer was the tournament championship with a 42” fish and was also the winner of the Big fish honors. Wade edged out Charlie Blackbird who finished in 2nd with a 42” by a mere 3 hours time difference. We held our ceremony at the BrowTine. We were joined by over 50 of our competitors who enjoyed great food and cold drinks well into the evening. 


  1. Wade Wurzer*           Bone 42 (7:47am)
  2. Charlie Blackbird    Wapo 42 (10:59am)
  3. Ario Cognetta          Cedar 41
  4. Noah Hackman       Bone 37.5
  5. Eli Swift                    Bone 37
  6. Dane Wesser            Apple River 36
  7. Mike Jasinski          Deer 35.5
  8. Georgia Curfman   Wapo 34
  9. Jonah Lansing        Bone 34


        *Big fish





2018 June Jam Results


This year’s tournament we hosted 77 open entrants and 3 juniors.  Weather in Polk County was unsettled with a lot of wind Saturday morning then some brief periods of heavy rain.  Overnight Saturday rain it rained more and strong winds, but cleared around 6:00am.

Ten fish were caught and from the leader board here are the results:

First                       Deer Lake 43.5 & 38.5
Second                  Cedar Lake 45
Third                      Cedar Lake 41.5
Fourth                   Apple Flowage 37.5
Fifth                       Bone Lake 36
Sixth                      Apple Flowage 35
Seventh                Cedar Lake 35.5
Eighth                    Bone Lake 35.5
Ninth                     Apple Flowage 35.5

Grand Prize winner for stay at Red Wing lodge goes to Scott Wells and Nate Gruber will get his name on the paddle at Wilkins for Big Fish!

Special thanks to those who helped make this tournament a success, and to our sponsors at Wilkins Bar and Resort, Red Wing Lodge, Blue Ribbon Sports, Deer Lake Sports, Wood’n Wildlife and Pro Label.


2017 June Jam Results

11 fish were caught.  99 anglers entered with fish caught by 10 of them!


Totals for each lake were:

  • Apple River Flowage       3
  • Wapogasset                       2
  • Bone                                    2
  • Deer                                    4
  • Blake                                   0
  • Cedar                                  0
  • Round                                 0
  • Bear Trap                           0

Big fish was a 43.5" inch from Deer and was caught by a Junior!


Winners were: Adult

  1. Mike Jasinski - 43" Bone
  2. Nathan Wheeler - 42" Deer
  3. Nathan Ryskiwewicz - 39.5" Wapogasset
  4. Matt Hayes - 38.5" Wapogasset
  5. Dan Power - 38" Bone
  6. Shane Hanson - 37.5" Apple River
  7. Ryan Wold - 34" Apple River 6/17 @ 10:15am
  8. Tanner Clay - 34" Apple River 6/17 @ 6:51pm


  1. Kate Jasinski - 35.5" & 43.5" Deer
  2. Pierre Belisle II - 35" Ceder

Grand Prize Winner – One Week stay at Red Wing Lodge for four – Nick Poppler


2016 Results


20 fish were caught, about half the number we normally register, but better than the 15 caught last year.  82 anglers entered with fish caught by 12 of them... 

Totals for each lake were:

  • Apple River Flowage       8
  • Wapogasset                        1 
  • Bone                                      2
  • Deer                                      6
  • Bear Trap                            1
  • Cedar                                    2

Big fish was a 42 inch from Apple River. 

Winners were: Adult
1st Nathan Wheeler – 36.5, 39.5, 36.5, 38 Deer Lake
2nd Bill Peterson – 36, 42, 35.5, 36 Apple River (big fish)
3rd Tyler Eggenberger - 39.5, 40 Apple River
4th Brett Olson - 38, 40 Deer Lake
5th Scott Gehrman - 41 Apple River
6th Steve Peterson - 40.5 Apple River
7th Tanner Clay - 38 Apple River
8th Calvin Austvold - 37 Bear Trap
9th Erik Mortensen – 37 Wapogasset
10th LeRoy Martin – 34.5 Bone


Juniors: No junior winner this year
Grand Prize Winner – One Week stay at Red Wing Lodge for four – Jared Lubb

2015 Results


The weather for this year’s June Jam was challenging.  Early Saturday morning saw heavy rains and winds but gave way to calmer, nicer conditions in the afternoon and evening.  Sunday saw calm flat water and clear skies, tough conditions one would think.

Only 15 fish were caught, about half the number we normally register.  75 anglers entered with fish caught by 13 of them.. 

11 of the fish were caught on Saturday and 4 0n Sunday.  Catch times were interesting.  On Saturday fish were caught at 8:30, 9:35 and 11 AM and 1:15, 1:40, 1:45 4, 6:30, 7, 8:15 and 9 PM.  The Sunday catch times were 9, 10, 11:20 and 11:40 AM.  A small catch window 1 to 2 PM on Saturday and 10 to Noon on Sunday. 

Totals for each lake were:

  • Apple River Flowage3

  • Wapogasset 2

  • Bone Lake 4

  • Deer Lake 1

  • Bear Trap 4

  • Cedar Lake 1

Big fish was a 44.5 inch from Bone. 

Winners were: Adult

1st           Aaron Flueger – 35.5, 44.5 Bone Lake (big fish)

2nd          Ray Quint – 39.5, 34.5 Bear Trap

3rd           Wade Wurzer– 44.5 Bone Lake

4th           Chad Briesemeister– 41.5 Lake Wapogasset

5th           Hunter Kern – 42  Cedar Lake

6th           Neal Gruber – 42 Bear Trap

7th           Jason Wilson – 40 Bear Trap

8th           Brett Olson – 39 Deer Lake

9th           Mike Jasinski – 38 Bone Lake

10th         Rod Moe – 37 Apple River Fowage

No junior winner this year

Grand Prize Winner – Week stay at Red Wing Lodge for four – Darin Olson

Just for the record, the other anglers catching fish were Larry Klien, Dylan Martin and Darin Olson.

2014 Results


We had 75 participants. 25 fish were caught by 17 anglers. 20 were caught on Saturday, 4 on Sunday and on one the day is not designated. Big fish was a 44".


Break down by lake:

  • Cedar - 3
  • Apple River - 5
  • Bone - 9
  • Deer - 3
  • Wapogasset - 5


By time:

  • Sat. 5 Am to 9 AM 9 fish (6 of these before 7 AM), 9 AM to noon 1 fish, noon to 5 PM 2 fish, 5 PM to 9 PM 8 fish.
  • Sun. 5 AM to 9 AM 3 fish (2 of these between 8 and 8:30), 9 AM to noon 1 fish.


Open Division

1st place - Matt Buck 37", 40" and 43.5" - All caught in Cedar Lake

2nd place - Nathan Wheeler 41.5", 43" - Both from Deer Lake
3rd Place - Rod Moe 36", 43.5" - Both from the Apple River
4th Place - Ben Hayes 41.5", 37" Both from Wapogasset,
5th Place - Mickey Allen 40", 37.5” - 1 from Deer, 1 from Bone.


Junior Winner

Kate Jasinski - 44" from Bone


Thank you to everyone for entering. And special thanks to Wilkins for allowing us the use of their facility, Paul Amberg of Venture Custom Rod for the donation of the rod in the raffle, Shawn Cochrane of Muskie Mafia for his lure donations and to Josh Stevenson and Blue Ribbon Bait and Tackle for their sponsorship.

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