Member's only Contest - Rules

2020 NMMI Member’s Only Contest – Rules & Awards




All fish must be entered into the Lunge Log on the Muskie’s Inc. website (Log into Member’s Only Section > Lunge Log > Fish Submission > Fill out the form). Make sure to hit “Submit” only one time to avoid registering the same fish more than once. In addition, please disregard the “Release Patches and Individual and Annual Certificates” option (See Divisions & Prizes section below). All fish must be entered within 30 days of being caught to count in the contest.



4 points awarded to any 30” Muskie + ½ point for each ½” over 30” rounded to the nearest ½”.



The top 3 places in each division will receive an award. Winners can choose to defer their award, which will then be used as a prize for the North Metro Annual Banquet. In addition, Release Patches and Individual and Annual Certificates have been eliminated for the North Metro Member’s Only Contest, so please disregard this option when entering a fish in the Muskie’s Inc. Lunge Log.

  • Junior’s Divisions: (Boy’s and Girl’s) – Under the Age 18
  • Adult Divisions: (Women’s and Men’s) – Age 18 and over
  • Master’s Division: (Women’s and Men’s) – Past Division winners must enter their fish in the North Metro Master’s Division.



NMMI will be awarding a Lax Reproductions graphite replica mount for the largest muskie over 50” caught and released alive by an Adult and Junior Division member. If the member with the largest fish has won a NMMI replica in the past, the replica will be awarded to the next qualifying member. Any plaques, embellishments, or shipping is to be paid by the contest winner.


Replica Mount Requirements:

  • Member must be in good standing as of June 1st of that year at the time of the mount award.
  • The muskie must be at least 50” in length and caught and successfully released alive.
  • A photo of the fish on a bump board with a visible measurement must be provided.
    • Measurements should be done head-first, pinching the tail, and measuring to the closest ¼”.
  • Fish must be registered in the Lunge Log within 30 days of its catch and release with the absolute deadline being December 5th of each year.
  • All muskies entered must be caught during a legal muskie season by the member entering it.
  • In the case of a tie, the fish that was caught first wins.
  • Members can only win the NMMI replica once in their lifetime.


Winners will be presented with their winning mounts at the Minnesota Muskie Expo and are required to display their mount in the NMMI booth throughout the event and take it with them at the conclusion of the Expo. Our sincere gratitude and thanks to Lax Reproductions for supporting Muskie’s Inc. and the North Metro Chapter.

Big Fish Replica Mount Contest

The 2020 Big Fish Replica Mount Winner is Tim Connoy with his 51" catch and release on Mille Lacs Lake on June 6th.  Tim has graciously decided to forego the mount and have the mount funds be deposited in the Chapter Permanent Stocking Fund.

Erik Jacobson and Mark Weiss previouly were awarded mounts and rules states that the mount goes to the next largest elligible fish caught.

2020 Final Standings

Men's Fish Points Average
Chad Briesemeister 30 420 39.8
Matthew Jacobs 30 314 36.4
Colin Murphy 24 271 37.2
Scott Gehrman 22 285 38.9
Steve Bates 13 148 37.3
Christopher Franzen 12 135 37.0
Bob Klindworth 12 131 36.9
Jeffrey Bentley 9 120 39.3
Patrick Garaghty 7 116 42.4
Dominic Schneider 7 113 42.0
Jay (Jason) Stevens 11 110 35.9
Jay Aigner 8 95 37.8
Jason Dickson 6 90 41.0

James Kohl

Larry Klein







Mark Weiss 3 59 45.7
Mark Kuether 3 55 44.2
Dave Ledman 3 54 44.0
Jason Wegwerth 4 54 39.3
Kyle Nelson 3 48 41.8
Mark G McHugh 3 47 41.3
Erich Kertzscher 4 46 37.5
Bob Wagner 3 44 40.7
Pierre E Belisle 3 40 39.3
Justin Bikkie 3 36 37.8
John Genosky 2 28 39.5
Nicholas Hagness 2 22 36.5
Christian McHugh 1 13 39.3
Paul R Dickson 1 10 36.0
Grant Lindberg 1 6 32.0
Totals 240 3061 38.6
Men's Masters Fish Points Average
Tim Connoy 31 454 40.5
Erik Jacobson 12 236 45.6
Mark Swanson 18 200 36.8
John Maslowski 11 142 38.7
Nick Poppler 9 118 39.1
Brian Klobe 2 32 42.0
Totals 79 1182 40.1
Women's Fish Points Average
Nikki Bentley 6 76 38.4
Patricia  Hauslein  2 29 40.5
Patricia Johnson 1 18 43.8
Totals 9 123 39.5
Women'sMasters Fish Points Average
Joey Wyszynski 3 44 40.3
Totals 3 44 40.3
Junior Girls Fish Points Average
Kate Bates 1 7 33.0
Totals 1 7 33.0
Junior Boys Fish Points Average
Jake Klein 4 44 36.9
Grant Ellis 2 34 43.0
Charlie Weiss 1 24 49.5
Noah Jacobson 1 23 49.0
William  Wegwerth 1 18 44.0
Totals 9 143 41.8
Big Fish Club 50"+ Club      
  Size Date Lake
Erik Jacobson 55 10/18/2020 Mille Lacs
Mark Weiss 52 06/18/2020 Vermilion
Tim Connoy * 51 06/06/2020 Mille Lacs
Erik Jacobson 51 07/19/2020 Mille Lacs
Patricia  Hauslein 51 09/19/2020 Oscar
Jason Dickson 50 09/13/2020 Alexander
Mark Kuether 50 10/11/2020 Forest Lake
Tim Connoy 50 10/02/2020 Minnetonka
Erik Jacobson 50 09/13/2020 Vermilion

* 2020 Adult Big Fish Replica Mount Winner

Members Only Contest 2020 Final Stats
2020 MOC Final Stats.pdf
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Members Only Contest 2019 Final Stats
Members Only Contest 2020 Final Stats
MOC stats 2019 FINAL.pdf
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Member Only Contest 2018 Final
Dec 6 2018 MOC.pdf
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Members Only Contest 2017 Final Stats
Dec 31 2017 FINAL MOC.pdf
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