Fish Handling & Release (CPR) Tips

Brad Hoppe, owner of Musky Mayhem Tackle LLC, talks about proper fish handling and release techniques. Techniques that should be practiced by all musky fishermen to ensure this precious resource is around and thriving for generations to come.

Overlooked Life Saving Muskie Release Techniques & Tools

Overlooked Life Saving Muskie Release Tips from Josh Borovsky




         Muskellunge Stocking




The Minnesota DNR had to cancel all DNR egg taking operations due to the COVID-19 pandemic and for all practical purposes did not raise any new Muskies in 2020.  The North Metro and Twin Cities Chapters of Muskie’s Inc. partnered along with contributions from its members, the Fargo Moorhead Chapter and other Anglersfrom around the state for an emergency stocking purchase.  The Twin Cities Chapters kicked off the emergency fund raising effort in June that was quickly joined by the North Metro Chapter for a planned purchase of 2,500 fingerlings Muskies from the Minnesota Muskie Farms private hatchery.  The competition for these fish was real and the Chapters were able to purchase these fish for Minnesota before they are outbid by out-of-state DNR programs and angling organizations.


The North Metro Chapter allocated its entire Dedicated Muskie Stocking Fund balance and the Board approved the use of the rest of the North Metro Chapter Treasury except for a very small reserve for a total of $7,250 for this effort.  Another $2,880 was raised from North Metro Chapter Member contributions paying for 45% of the fish in total.  The Twin Cities Chapter and its members paid for 51% and Fargo Moorhead 4%.


Unfortunately in the end, the private hatchery pond only contained 1,500 fingerlings.  The fish were purchased for $15 each for a total cost of $22,500 and delivered to the Minnesota DNR Waterville Hatchery to raise in its ponds for fall stocking.  The fish were grown to over 16 1/2” plus yearling size to ensure greater stocking success.  1,369 fish survived of the original 1,500 fingerlings. 


The ongoing Minnesota DNR Metro Stocking Study started in 2014 that North Metro Chapter and the Hugh C. Becker Foundation helped support has shown that yearlings are 4 to 5 times more likely to survive than traditional fall fingerlings. Essentially, the 1,369 Yearlings stocked is the equivalent of stocking 5,476 to 6,845 fingerlings.


The DNR reached out to both of the Metro Chapters and allowed them to provide their recommendation on the lakes to be stocked from those scheduled in the Minnesota Statewide Stocking Plan.  The 1,369 yearlings were stocked in October into Metro Area Lakes: Bald EagleWhite Bear, French & Waconia and out state inMille Lacs Lake.   The DNR also stocked 589 other leftover fish from their other ponds out state lakes: Mille Lacs, Alexander, Shamineau & Spider for total 2020 Minnesota stocking of 1,958 Fish.  


Check out our awesome stocking video that was put together by Board Member Jason Espedal.


Our Thanks to all that donated to make this effort happen!



Total # Fish Stocked

*Bald Eagle




Mille Lacs




White Bear











* Stocked ahead for 2021



Fisheries Improvement Efforts & Donations


The North Metro Chapter works to maintain and help improve the Muskies fishery and other worthwhile efforts in numerous ways.  We funded some of the DNR needs, promote Scientific Research, Muskie Stocking, Youth Activities, Veteran activities and more.  Here are some but all of the efforts that have been accomplished by the North Metro Chapter of Muskies Inc.:


2020 purchased with the Twin Cities Chapter for $22,250 and donated 1,500 fingerling Muskies to the Minnesota DNR raised to yearling size and stocked in October in Bald Eagle, White Bear, French and Mille Lacs Lakes

2019 stocked $3000 of yearling fish into Lake Waconia and Minnetonka 

Sponsored the Minnesota State High School North Metro Sectional and State High School Muskie Tournaments for the past 6 years

2018 purchased and donated to WI DNR Helix Depth Finder for use in the Apple River Flowage area of the state

2018 built custom grappling anchors for acoustic receiver cage recovery in the St. Croix River for Minnesota DNR        

2017 provided $2,500 for Acoustic Receiver, Auto Chart and Slings in 2017 to expand the tracking of Muskies in the St. Croix River as part of the larger St. Croix Tracking Study

2015 provided $7,000 of Acoustic Transmitters and batteries to expand the tracking of Muskies in the St. Croix River as part of the larger St. Croix Tracking Study

2014 a $6,000 donation of Acoustic Transmitters to add Muskie tracking as part of the larger St. Croix Tracking Study

2014 purchased Pit Tags and Pit Tag readers donated for the Metro Stocking Survival Study

2013 stocked White Bear with $5,000 of yearling Muskies in partnership with the Hugh C. Becker Foundation

2013 stocked Forest Lakes with $3,000 of yearling Muskies

2012 stocked fish in $2,000 in Lake Owasso, Lake Independence and Eagle Lake with yearling Muskies

2011 purchased PIT Tags, Software and Readers for the DNR for long term stocking information

2011 purchased Release Nets, Tanks, Custom Rebar, Aeration and Netting Equipment

2010 purchased portable Canopies to protect the Muskies and DNR Personnel during egg taking operations

Memorial Bench installed at White Bear Lake in memory of Mary Vilnow, long time North Metro member who died of cancer 

Purchased Camera, Depth Finder and GPS Units for DNR

Purchased Minnows to feed fingerling Muskies in the DNR rearing ponds

Donated to Operation Muskie – Effort to take War Vets out Muskie Fishing at Baystore Camp on Lake of the Woods

Purchased Microscopes for DNR to continue fish studies

Donated prizes to St. Francis Student Organization for their fundraising efforts

Lake Cleanups on Lake Independence prior to Ice Out

Purchased Automatic Pond Feeders for the DNR

Purchased Chemicals to assist DNR in rounding up fish in rearing ponds

Donated to George Wahl Memorial  

Ongoing support and donations to the Minnesota Muskie & Pike Alliance



         Ice Clean-Up Efforts


Catch & Release was invented decades ago by Muskies, Inc. as a method to protect and preserve the Muskie Fisheries across the country for the future benefit of all fishermen.  It was such a success that the practice was adopted by Bass, Trout and many other species Fishermen.


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